Green Lunch on the Clean Energy Coalition with Sean Reed presenting!

On Wednesday November 5th 2014 we had a presentation from Sean Reed! Who is the executive director of Clean Energy Coalition, an Ann Arbor-based non-profit organization he founded in 2005. Clean Energy Coalition builds public/private partnerships to advance clean energy technologies and build healthier communities by helping municipalities, businesses, and individuals understand the wide variety of opportunities for reducing dependency on fossil fuels and boosting energy efficiency. Mr. Reed has successfully acquired, managed, and completed more than 40 state and federal grants valued at more than $60 million. Before founding Clean Energy Coalition, he served as a program developer and energy analyst for the City of Ann Arbor’s Energy Office and the joint City of Ann Arbor/Washtenaw County Community Development Department. Mr. Reed has presented on the topic of energy efficiency at numerous statewide and regional conferences in Michigan. Born in Malawi, Africa, he has traveled and worked widely, living in Africa, Asia, and Europe. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Penn., master’s degrees in social work and urban planning from the University of Michigan, as well as certificates as a housing rehabilitation specialist and home energy rater.

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Krasl Art Center for Green Drinks on October 2014

Local artists Joshua Mason and Brittany Stecker gave a short presentation on sustainable art practices. Mason, whose work is also the current artlab installation, they discussed environmental issues around disposable objects and how those materials now form layers in the earth similar to geologic formations.

Stecker, who is Mason’s wife, presented on how the two work together to create and promote sustainable art.

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Solar Power event on Sept 4th 2014

This was our first Joint Meeting with the Southwest Michigan Sustainable Business Forum AND Michigan’s Great Southwest Sustainable Business Forum!

At this event we got an overview of current legislative conditions that support solar projects, a basic understanding of the solar installation process, and an owner perspective on the benefits of existing solar installations in Southwest Michigan.

We had great speakers: Art Toy from Four Elements Energy Check out Four Elements’ new video here!,Dan Scripps with Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council and also Mike Linsea the President of Solar Winds Power Systems!

Green Lunch on Food Waste Composting

That took place on August 6th 2014.We had a guest speaker Beth Clawson from Michigan State University Extensions She addressed our group on food waste composting and what businesses would need to do to set up for food waste recycling in addition to their regular recycling program.

Michigan State University Extension supports composting and recycling as an environmentally sustainable practice for homes, farms, businesses, and industry. Composting and recycling are important steps taken to complete a product’s life cycle. Whether products are grown naturally or manufactured, compost is the easiest and least expensive solution to managing our organic waste; especially our food and yard residues. The cycles of decomposition are a part of our natural world, and is a key part to enriching the soil. Composting is simply where we control the decomposition process to speed it up. By recycling we contribute to a sustainable system that benefits our environment by reducing pressure for new raw materials.

For more information on MSU compost and recycling click here!

For information from the EPA click here!

Green Lunch on Bus Transportation, Transit, and Trails on June 4th 2014

We had the opportunity to hear Evan Smith from City of Niles Dial a Ride speak about Transportation and the imporatance of providing public transportation to the community. We also had Debra Panozzo a Mobility Consultant. Debra helps improve connections to enhance transportation in southwest Michigan, especially targeting people who are seniors, have a disability or have low incomes. We also had Kerry Wright from Harbor Shores speak about their recreation and trails opportunities.

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Green Lunch on Sustainability 101

This event took place on Wednesday, May 7th, 2014 With featured speakers Mike Keen & Krista Bailey from the Center for a Sustainable Future, IU South Bend

The Center for a Sustainable Future is taking the lead role in further turning IU South Bend into the ideal green campus: one that has turned itself into a learning organization in which every person on campus understands the basic principles of sustainability and is putting them into practice one step at a time.

Since it’s establishment in 2008, the Center has developed new sustainability curriculum, facilitated research in sustainability, and fostered civic engagement to help develop sustainability action plans.

The Center strives to engage the campus and greater Michiana communities in creating a future focused on the “triple bottom line:” choices that are good for people and the planet, as well as profits, and that take into account ecological and social performance, are promoted and encouraged by the Center.

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Michigan’s Blue Economy Event in March 2014 at the Saugatuck Center for the Arts!

We had a great joint event with the West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum! With wide variety of great speakers! Our main speaker was John Austin the Director with Michigan’s Economic Center. He discussed Michigan’s “Blue Economy” and how the economic impact of water-based activities could position the state to be a world leader in smart energy, clean water, healthy food, and transportation technologies.

We also had a presentation from Gordon Grove, Marrone Bio Innovations. He discussed how the rapidly growing biotechnology startup chose Southwest Michigan for its expansion and highlighted a new product aimed at eliminating Zebra Mussels.

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Green Lunch, March 5, 2014 Community Supported Agriculture, was a great success!

What a privilege to live in Southwest Michigan, with its vast variety of fresh produce made available by dedicated local, Farmers. These dedicated Farmers were on-hand at the March 5th Green Lunch to showcase the various routes of access to all this wonderful, locally grown food, flowers, etc. Get all the information you would ever want to know about access to locally grown food at

A big “Thanks!” goes out to the representatives from 7 local farms & markets who shared their wealth of knowledge and obvious passion for growing and providing food for people at Green Lunch:

▪ Andrews Student Gardens, Berrien Springs
▪ Big Head Farm, Benton Harbor
▪ Green Spirit Farms, New Buffalo
▪ Molter Family Farms
▪ Nye’s Apple Barn, St. Joseph
▪ Piggott’s Farm Market, Benton Harbor & St. Joseph
▪ St. Joseph Farm Market, St. Joseph