Review: Green Drinks at Watermark Brewing Company

Michigan’s Great Southwest Sustainable Business Forum hosted a Green Drinks gathering at Watermark Brewing Company on Wednesday, January 18.

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During the gathering, Forum members spoke about sustainable happenings in the region, as well as the direction the area’s sustainability community is taking this year and going forward.

Watermark is a central hub for conversation, laughter, storytelling and cultural arts within the downtown Stevensville corridor. Watermark offers not only a unique product, but also a memorable experience. Watermark clientele enjoy a comfortable meeting place where they can have a conversation with friends and family, and maybe meet some new ones. The taproom, covered patio, and bonfire in the beer garden are designed to feel just like home. Watermark is your oasis between the copious amounts of wineries, and the vast amount beaches. Watermark also collaborates in helping support other local community driven organizations.