Review: Harbor Shores Signature Event

Michigan’s Great Southwest Sustainable Business Forum hosted an educational programs and tour at The Golf Club at Harbor Shores on Monday, June 13. Thank you again to Brilliant General Maintenance for sponsoring this month’s event.

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The featured speaker was Bob McFeeter, Managing Director of the Harbor Shores Project as well as Evergreen Development and Real Estate Companies.  McFeeter provided details on the two-year effort to build the Jack Nicklaus Signature Course and the myriad of sustainability issues encountered during the process that ultimately removed three million square feet of dilapidated buildings and over 140,000 tons of waste material from the Paw Paw River and surrounding areas.

Download McFeeter’s presentation here (PDF).

Following the presentation was a cart tour of select holes provided by Course Superintendent, including Hole 14, an EPA Superfund site formerly used as a dumping ground for a furniture company that used radium in its products, and prior to that an aircraft construction center during World War II.

Other problematic locations included the driving range and clubhouse, previously used as a dumping for Osco Steel Mill Casting Company, and Hole 15, built on top of the former Benton Harbor Landfill.

Harbor Shores has since become a community asset and is playing a key role in the development of Benton Harbor.  It donated 38 acres of waterfront land to the city and has provide public access to 12 miles of walking trails and public use of all cart paths.  When asked if he has taken a moment to step back and take a proud look at the success of Harbor Shores, McFeeter replied “it will be successful when the rest of Benton Harbor has also developed.”